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We own our office space in Bali, which means that we do not need to pay expensive rents in the tourist part of Bali, which allows us to establish the lowest prices for fastboats to Gili on the whole island.


We take a responsible attitude to safety. Our entire team from fastboat captains to the transfer drivers undergo annual safety course that allows you to keep safety at the highest level. So your travel to Gili is always safe.


We are always in touch. Even while on Gili, you can ask us any question about location, tickets, transfer or any other that arise during your vacation.


It's easy. Simply fill out the form on our website and get a confirmation of your fastboat ticket to your email. In addition, you can contact us via WhatsApp or call directly.


Gilis is three micro islands with relaxing atmosphere, paradise beaches and azure water. The diameter of each of them does not exceed one kilometer, and therefore there are no cars and motorcycles, only bicycles. You can walk around the island in less than an hour.

In the first place is of course beaches of Gilis. Golden sand and azure water makes this islands a true paradise. In addition, the beauty of the deep sea is worth it to try snorkeling or scuba diving on Gilis, besides it’s so easy – just go into the water and swim 5-10 meters from the shore.

Addition to the above it should be noted that in Gilis is quite common reggae and rasta cafes with all the consequences.

Gili Trawangan is the most western and most rave. If you like to party – choose Gili Trawangan. Here you will find a lot of new friends.

Gili Meno in the middle. It is the most tranquil island. If you want privacy and silence – Gili Meno what you need. Quiet and relaxed atmosphere, as well as quiet evenings by the fire you will remember for a long time.

Gili Air is the easternmost of the three islands and is perhaps the golden mean. Friendly company or family – everyone will be able to find on Gili Air something for themself. Having settled on the eastern part of the island you can see every evening as the sun sets behind the mysterious mist above island of Lombok.

IMPORTANT: Our boats can take you to Trawangan or Air only. To get to Meno you will need to buy a ticket for the local boat in the port of Air or Trawangan. Boat goes twice daily, at 9 and 15 o`clock. Cost $3, travel time – around 10 minutes.

You can pay for the tickets in rupees or US dollars – as you prefer. In rupees ticket with the return and transfer will cost you only 430,000 per person, and only 270,000 for one way. Pay for tickets in advance is not necessary – you can pay on the day of travel directly to the driver.

Transfer from main areas of Bali is already included in the ticket price. Kuta and Seminyak are totally free shuttle service throughout. Jimbaran, Sanur, Ubud and Canggu have a free shuttle service from the main streets. For remote areas we have a fuel surcharge, costing maximum 50,000 rupees per person in one way.

Boats departs to Gilis one time a day. Start from your hotel at 6:30 am – 7:30 am. Thus already by 8:30 you’ll be on the pier. There you will be required to register and get tickets. At 9:00 boat departs from the port, and in 10:00 – 10:30 you will be on Gilis. The peak season starts to operate a second route. Start from the hotel from 9:30 to 10:30 am.

You can buy a ticket with an open return date. When you decide to come back – you need to come to “Wahana” stand with your tickets on the pier of Trawangan or Air IN 24HRs BEFORE THE RETURN and book return boat. For example, if you decide to return on January 25, you need to come on January 24 WITH TICKETS, 13 o`clock and indicate your intention.

IMPORTANT: in peak season, as New Year or Nyepi Day better to come in 2 days before return to book your place for sure.

Come to the port at 10:30, find Wahana stand and show your tickets. Also you will need to tell what area of Bali you’ll need to transfer – you will be given a separate ticket for transfer. When you arrive at the port of Bali, go from the pier to the parking lot, located directly on the left side. Than find our drivers near minivans.

IMPORTANT: You can recognize our drivers by stripes “Wahana” on a T-shirt.