FAST GILI Good fast boats to get to Gilis

Posted on Jan ,09 2019

This notable article is written to answer few of your queries, how it is easy to travel in private boat to gili trawangan and who offer for the same? Read this article to know about one of the fastest boat service providers in the world- FAST GILI. 

Gilis is three micro islands with calming mood, heaven beaches and blue water. The span of each of them does not exceed one kilometer, and therefore there are no cars and motorcycles, only bicycles. You can walk around the island in less than an hour. Golden sand and azure water makes these islands a true paradise. In addition, the beauty of the deep sea is worth it to try snorkeling or scuba diving on Gilis, besides it's so easy - just go into the water and swim 5-10 meters from the shore.

Gili Trawangan is the most western and most rave. Gili Trawangan is best for parties. Gili Meno is in the middle. If you want privacy and silence - Gili Meno is what you need. Gili Air is the easternmost of the three islands and is perhaps the golden mean. There are a number of options for getting from Bali to any of the Gili islands. Journeys to these tiny heavens can include boat to gili trawangan, private charters, public boats, planes, and even helicopters!! It’s all about the most suitable transportation option for you, and how much you are willing to spend. 

Fast Boats go two times daily, at 9 and 15 o`clock. Cost $3, travel time is around 10 minutes. These boats can take you to Trawangan or Air only and to get to Meno you will need to buy a ticket for the local boat in the port of Air or Trawangan. Pay for tickets beforehand is not required - you can pay on the day of travel straight to the driver. Transfer from main areas of Bali is already included in the ticket price. Speed boat gili trawangan depart to Gilis one time a day. You can buy a ticket with an open return date. When you decide to come back - you need to come to "Wahana" stand with your tickets on the pier of Trawangan or Air in 24hrs before the return and book return boat.